The Shower Seal launched redesigned shop

The Shower Seal is the largest supplier of shower screen parts in the UK. They have a successful online store selling shower seals, bespoke shower doors and various shower accessories throughout the UK and Ireland.

The Shower Seal

We redesigned their site to make it easier for the user to find the specific product they’re searching for. We created functionality that allows you to create a bespoke shower door based on your dimensions that will display a simplistic preview of its size.

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Anatomy Trains

Anatomy Trains is dedicated to providing the highest quality training and materials for manual and movement therapists.

Anatomy Trains

They offer information about upcoming KMI Professional Trainings, Anatomy Trains courses, and the new Fascial Release for Structural Balance workshops and book.

Their online store offer books and DVDs by a number of respected professionals including the founder of KMI and Anatomy Trains, Tom Myers.

Visit Anatomy Trains’ website